PRX DERM PERFEXION – Moisturizing Face Cream For Dry Skin


Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin provides dry skin with the moisturizing principles and protective substances it lacks, leaving it moisturized and hydrated. This product acts as a protectant for the superficial layers of the skin. It is suitable for skin altered by chemical peels or other aesthetic applications and is well tolerated by highly reactive skin.


  • Boosted protective barriers
  • Lightening of your skin
  • Maintaining complete hydration
  • Skin nourished and smoothed
  • A reduction of wrinkles and fine lines on the face
  • A reduction of skin irritation


Apply morning and evening and whenever you feel the need.

It’s recommended for its protective action of the surface layers of the skin, in the skin altered by chemical peels or other aesthetic treatments. Well tolerated by even the most reactive scalps.

The presence of plant extracts in facial moisturizers can determine variations in color and consistency, without altering the quality or properties.