Dermapen Micro-needling

Dermapen Microneedling is a non-surgical facial treatment that increases the production of collagen and elastin, immediately plumping the skin and reducing scarring.

How does Dermapen Micro-needling work?

Dermapen Microneedling, is a motorized piston driven, more precise and improved version of the traditional Derma Roller. It uses 12 tiny ultra-thin surgical steel needles which go up and down thousands of times per second to create micro tears. With topical anesthetic there is virtually no discomfort and with the tiny wounds healing rapidly so downtime is minimal—one day or even less.

The technique uses tiny needles to puncture the surface of the skin to create micro tears. The body then reacts by triggering a wound healing response. An intense repair, renewal and rejuvenation of the area then occurs.

Dermapen micro needling is proven to deliver amazing results for the skin. It is ideal if you have stretch marks, acne scars or simply want to rejuvenate your skin with a Dermapen facial.

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Frequently Asking Questions:

Dermapen can treat most parts of the body including the stomach, legs, buttocks and breasts stretch marks. Treatment time depends on the size of the stretch marks and can take up to 90 minutes. For large areas, such stretch marks caused by pregnancy we recommend up to 10 treatments 6 weeks apart.

Dermapen is ideal for acne scarring. It can achieve similar results to ablative treatments such as fractional laser, IPL, laser resurfacing and chemical peels, without the negative side effects and downtime. We recommend 4-6 treatments 6 weeks apart for maximum results.

Yes, the treatment is completely safe. The dermapen treatment does not pierce the skin’s natural barrier, only penetrating into the epidermis and dermis to stimulate collagen production. The epidermis and dermis heals rapidly, usually in a matter of hours, and the skin should be completely back to normal within 24 to 48 hours.

Dermapen also known as Micro needling is a motorized and more precise version to the traditional Derma Roller, the Dermapen works by piercing tiny needles into the treated skin area which results in collagen boost by renewing the skin cells through the body’s natural healing process. As the skin heals it increases skin collagen and elastin by plumping the area and reducing scars and pigmentation and leaving your skin with a smooth and healthy texture.

There are many benefits to introducing DermaPen Microneedling into your beauty regime:

  • Reduction of superficial wrinkles on the face and lips.
  • Improvement in the overall skin tone and texture.
  • Reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Increased absorption of products you use.
  • Improvement of skin texture.
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
You will begin to see the results immediately after the treatment, your skin will be plump, smooth and radiant. However, depending on the skin concern, the results will take 3-4 weeks.
Dermapen reaches more areas then the Derma Roller and being motorized leaves you with a more even treatment. Better results are also achieved due the needles going straight up and down leaving neater more consistent micro tears. The dermal roller rolls over the skin leaving larger uneven trenches which can lead to larger pores.
You might think that having a bunch of tiny needles stamped into your skin would be painful, but surprisingly it is not. Before treatment you’ll have a topical anesthetic applied, which will eliminate any discomfort during the process. Everyone who has experienced treatment with the Dermapen has remarked on how pain free it really is, and some have even commented that it’s a little like a rather rough massage.
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