HERB & MINERAL MIST contains over 98% cold water soaked herbs that can act systemically as well as have a direct effect on the skin. By having such a high content of minerals and herbs the solution becomes polarized (thus breaking surface tension immediately). It acts as a carrier vehicle for the oils and crème into the skin. 


Recommended for all skins, Herb & Mineral Mist is DMK Skincare™ signature product for transepidermal delivery to be used with all DMK Skincare™ oils and nourishing crèmes. It is designed to revise dermal hydration and free water levels by addressing the acid mantle and barrier function. Herb & Mineral Mist can be used as many times throughout the day as desired and can be sprayed over make-up. 


„Spray four to five times over DMK Skincare™ oils and nourishing crèmes. Work into face, neck and décolleté


Kelp – One of the highest sources of minerals and vitamins and essential amino acids. 

Potassium – A very important mineral for the proper functioning of all cells and tissues. 

Alfalfa – A rich source of various vitamins and minerals like vitamin B1, B6, A, C, D, E, K and minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and antioxidants. Promotes absorption.

Sarsaparilla – Rich in flavonoids, plant sterols and saponins.

Black Cohosh – Exhibit wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities and stimulate the formation of lipids and proteins necessary for healthy skin. 

Saw Palmetto – Suppresses DHT production.

Liquorice  – Stimulates skin’s natural immune defense.

Sage – Balances sebum production, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Mullein Extract – Natural skin antibiotic, anti-irritant.

Fenugreek – A herbal extract used to reduce inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne and sunburn. It is also used to retain moisture in the epidermis.

Hops – Contains super antioxidants which act as a calming agent for the skin. It is one of the best sources of vitamin C and a rich source of natural protein. It is also a natural astringent which will minimize the appearance of skin pores.

Peppermint – Contains vitamins and minerals. Regulates the micro-circulation. Has a cooling effect on the skin.

Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract – Catalyst for other herbs, improves circulation.

Sodium Ascorbate – Polarized vitamin C.

Rose Water – Skin conditioning, a rich source of vitamin C, promotes healing and skin regeneration.


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